Reported Sinkholes

As we get information about drainage and sinkhole issues, we will post those details here.

PLEASE REPORT ALL SINKHOLE & EROSION ISSUES TO THE BOARD. We are tracking these issues and are following up with both VDOT (where issues fall in their jurisdiction) and with JCC Stormwater Division.

Board members have spoken at length with the JCC Stormwater Coordinator and with VDOT's Croaker Office which oversees Fenwick Hills.

  • The Board is currently seeking a financial grant from JCC for sinkholes that fall under the HOA's responsibilities. This process (due to the many "moving parts") will take time, and it will be July 2017 before any groundbreaking work begins.
  • We have spoken with VDOT (Croaker Office) about our sinkhole issues that fall under VDOT. They are aware of the problems listed below. Initially, they are reporting that they will mark and identify the holes, apply a short term fix (fill in with dirt), put a camera into the drains to see if they can identify where the issues are, but are likely to have to dig up the offending pipes to resolve these issues for the long term. The initial short-term fix will likely be in November. A timeframe for a long-term fix to these drains has not yet been identified.

We will continue to follow up with these various offices and will list updates here.